Who We Are:

LISA GUGLIELMI, M.ED., Specialization in Career and Work

As the founder of The Educated Decision, Lisa Guglielmi has a real passion for helping individuals make informed decisions about educational choices that can lead to rewarding career options.  Lisa enjoys a fulfilling career and wants to help more people do the same.

When it comes to education, Lisa recognizes that the pressure is on for many people struggling to choose the right path.  Increased competition and rising costs make it vital to take the guesswork out of education.  Lisa wants to help do just that.

Lisa Guglielmi is a full time Professor of Human Resources Management and teaches in diploma, degree and graduate certificate programs. Lisa takes pride in building strong working relations with a diverse group of clients and students. She has been nominated for awards in teaching excellence and takes pride in creating a learning environment based on mutual trust and respect where students can achieve their full potential to succeed.

Lisa holds a Master of Education (M.Ed.) with a Specialization in Career and Work from the University of Toronto. She holds a Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management from Sheridan College and an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Psychology from York University.

Interestingly enough, Lisa always assumed she’d be a Psychologist until a career assessment pointed her in the direction of Human Resources Management which has been the foundation for a career she loves. Lisa is certified to deliver a variety of the world’s best researched assessments that can help individuals explore their options and select education and career pathways by giving them insight into their interests, preferences and personal styles.

Professional and personal development is one of Lisa’s favourite things and she’s always up for something new. She has a passion for exploring and remains curious.